premiering "Star Seed" July 27 and Aug 3

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Written and Choreographed by:  

Coleen Lorenz

"Star Seed" combines movement, sound and imagery 

to illustrate the three powerful “seeds” -  

breath, mind and voice - which all humans share.

It offers a vision of the world in which 

we focus on our similarities, rather than the 

differences that generate conflict and intolerance.

Experience beautiful choreography, poetry and music 

that inspire and remind us of our connection to each other."

Company Performers:  

Monica Airo, Kristine Chambers, Rebecca Fazio, 

Sarah Garland, Mariko Ishakawa, Nichole Lorenz, Nolan Mori, Sandy Rodriguez, and Sandi Scheuber

Apprentice Performers:  

Julianne Miller, Valerie Miller, Lilliana LoGuidice

Special Guests:

Jonathan Berg, Vin Eiamvuthikorn, Treci Fields, Urmila Vudali

With Opera Vocalist Ashley Willits 

& NDHS Choral Group


Guest choreographer:  Leslie Marx

First Half - New Works By Company and Guests

Second Half - Star Seed

Sangam Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides an innovative platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to come together to collaborate and co-create world-class music and dance performances. 

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