IMG_0935All upcoming workshops will be $15 at the door, including a variety of skills, levels, and lessons, from technical dance, to stage presence, and psychological healing through creative expression and the arts. Participants need to be a minimum age of 13.



Check out what we have to offer this Summer Aug.4-7!


Sunday, August 4th 1 – 3 pm

“The Miracle of Surrender…A Healing Workshop” – Given By Sheldon S. Jo

Learn how to release the mental and physical pain, suffering and illness that imprisons us all in some form.  Discover the healing powers of true Surrender and Open to the healing Divine Love present in all of us. Through Prayer and Meditation Sheldon has discovered that his ‘touch’ has the power to assist with miraculous healings. Sheldon will guide you in a deeply healing mediation to assist you with connecting to your Divine Self, and will provide ‘touch’ healings to those who would like them… From this wonderful state, Miracles can and do happen!


Sunday, August 4th 3:30 – 5 pm

“Core Movement & Art” – Given by Coleen Lorenz and Roberta Wentzel-Walter

In this workshop you will experience movement patterns that release tension and balance your body’s energy.  You will gain an awareness of your “core” (your personal center of strength and well-being) and have opportunity to express this understanding through a guided art experience.  No dance experience necessary.  Just come prepared to move, enliven your body, mind, and spirit, express yourself through art, and have fun!


Monday, August 5th 6 – 7:30 pm

“Sultry Jazz” – with Kristine Chambers

Enjoy the fluid, sassy, and sultry side of jazz dance.  Learn stylistic influences from Fosse technique, as well as new and innovative steps that will expand your creativity and enrich your “saucy expression” of dance.


Monday, August 5th 7:45 – 9 pm

“5-6-7-8: A Workshop for the Intermediate Tap Dancer” – with Judy Rechsteiner

Tap dance is a unique expression, the percussive answer to a musical question. Grab your shoes and enjoy one hour of cross-the-floor movement, rhythm exercises, and choreography. Enjoy the fun in a relaxed atmosphere with good music and the side benefit of an aerobic workout. “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!”  – Constanze


Tuesday, August 6th 6 – 7:30 pm

“Dynamic Alignment Ballet” – with Sarah Garland & Sandy Rodriguez

Experience the energy and movement dynamics necessary to accomplish ballet strength and alignment with greater ease.  Enjoy fresh new ideas for balletic movement and coordination, and discover a confidence in the expression of this stylistic form.


Tuesday, August 6th 7:45 – 9 pm

“Floorwork & Finesse” – with Daina Block

Expand your creativity & grow your range of motion though innovative alignment sequencing and connection with the floor.  Discover “core” movements and inner awareness as you refine your use of weight, balance, trust, and strength.

Wednesday, August 7th 6 – 7:30 pm

“NewGround Fusion” – with NewGround

Experience the variety of dance styles utilized by NewGround.  NewGround dancers will lead a complete dance work-out on a rotating basis, exercise by exercise, changing dance styles from floorwork to jumps, from ballet to jazz, from lyrical to contemporary and back again.

Wednesday, August 7th 7:45 – 9 pm

“Performance Presence” – with Sarah Lopez

Culminate your workshop experience by exploring the elements of storytelling and emotional expression through dance.  Workshop participants will have the opportunity to bring back movement sequences from previously learned workshop sections and present them in a small group performance.